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GANs And Deepfakes Could Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

Forbes piece written for the CPO of Vue.AI, a technology company building tools for retail sites.

Tech writing

Why We Need New Benchmarks for AI

Artificial intelligence has beaten many of the tests researchers have come up with. The challenge now is to create benchmarks that can make AI truly useful. (Wall Street Journal)

How to Build a More Sustainable Robot

To meet climate goals, the search is on to create robots made out of recycled, biodegradable and replaceable parts. (Wall Street Journal)

How artificial intelligence can tackle climate change

The biggest challenge on the planet might benefit from machine learning to help with solutions. Here are a just a few. (National Geographic)

Green air travel will depend on these technologies

Electric engines, alternative fuels, and better navigation could reduce emissions—and mitigate the impacts of a global return to the skies.

An A.I. Glossary

A list of terms with definitions to help understand the artificial intelligence field. (New York Times)

Livestreaming, Still Niche, Grows as a Tool for Retailers

Amazon Live is a prominent example of how interactive video shopping, popularized by TV networks like QVC, has moved online. (New York Times)

These historical artifacts are totally faked

Artist Nora Al-Badri is using deepfakes for good – to free historical artifacts from museums and reinvent them for the digital age. (Wired)

How People with Disabilities Are Using AI to Improve Their Lives

Advances in artificial intelligence have spurred the development of smart devices to help people overcome physical and cognitive challenges. And, this may just be the beginning. (PBS)