AI Writing

ChatGPT Can Give Great Answers. But Only If You Know How to Ask the Right Question.
That’s why companies are hiring ‘prompt engineers’—experts in talking to AI systems effectively. (Wall Street Journal)

How artificial intelligence can tackle climate change
The biggest challenge on the planet might benefit from machine learning to help with solutions. Here are a just a few. (National Geographic)

These historical artifacts are totally faked
Artist Nora Al-Badri is using deepfakes for good – to free historical artifacts from museums and reinvent them for the digital age. (Wired)

How People with Disabilities Are Using AI to Improve Their Lives
Advances in artificial intelligence have spurred the development of smart devices to help people overcome physical and cognitive challenges. And, this may just be the beginning. (PBS)

When Sharks Turned Up at Their Beach, They Called in Drones
A goal of the SharkEye project is to one day produce automated “shark reports” for beachgoers to help them gauge levels of risk. (New York Times)

AI Is a New Weapon in the Battle Against Counterfeits
Algorithms that can spot features invisible to the human eye are helping to protect retailers and shoppers from a glut of fake goods. (Wall Street Journal)

Why We Need New Benchmarks for AI
Artificial intelligence has beaten many of the tests researchers have come up with. The challenge now is to create benchmarks that can make AI truly useful. (Wall Street Journal)

“We’re in a diversity crisis”: cofounder of Black in AI on what’s poisoning algorithms in our lives
An interview with Microsoft researcher Timnit Gebru about bias in AI and how diversity can fix it. (MIT Technology Review)

The world’s animals are getting their very own Facebook
A computer vision-powered social network for animals could supercharge conservation efforts. (Fast Company)

Brainlike computers are a black box. Scientists are finally peering inside
Scientists are developing ways to understand neural nets. (Science)

The Robots Are Coming For Your Wardrobe
The husband and wife duo behind Chennai-born AI startup Mad Street Den are determined to change the way you shop for clothes. (Fast Company)