Airplane Camping: How This Thrilling Outdoor Travel Adventure Works
Enterprising campers are turning to recreational pilots to take them even farther off the grid. Introducing aero camping, outdoor travel’s final frontier. (Bloomberg)

Livestreaming, Still Niche, Grows as a Tool for Retailers
Amazon Live is a prominent example of how interactive video shopping, popularized by TV networks like QVC, has moved online. (New York Times)

Your Best Travel Tip Just Came From TikTok
Unfiltered advice and clever sustainable hacks are what draws travelers to this viral social media app. (National Geographic)

Code of Conduct
Inspired by her Indigenous heritage, Amelia Winger-Bearskin is injecting ethics into software. (Wired)

Stocking Up at an Airline’s Garage Sale
It may be hard to imagine liking an airline enough to buy its old silverware and service carts, but at a monthly sale, lovers of Delta Air Lines snap up decommissioned items.(New York Times)

‘Mysterymoons’: surprise honeymoons in vogue for adventurous newlyweds
Honeymoons booked without the couple’s knowledge are a new trend in travel for people more than happy to pass the planning reins after their wedding. (The Guardian)

Man’s best friend: how veterinary research could save human lives
One Health holds that humans and the world around us thrive and suffer for the same reasons. As the idea grows more popular, health solutions developed for your dog might just end up helping you, too. (The Guardian)

Fuego 718 in Williamsburg, a Shop Where Every Day Is the Day of the Dead
At the store, Day of the Dead skeletons and skulls turn up on countless items, including magnets, shadow boxes and Christmas ornaments. (New York Times)

Smile, You’re on Aura Camera
Magic Jewelry on Centre Street specializes in feng shui, crystals and horoscope readings, but it is also the only place in the city that photographs auras. (New York Times)

When Their Internet Went Down, These Brothers Stood Up
Two brothers start their own Internet service provider in Brooklyn. (Wall Street Journal)

Florida’s Radioactive Fountain of Youth May Prolong Life
Five hundred years after Ponce de Leon explored the area, locals swear by an artesian well with unusual properties. (National Geographic)

Sailboats Ship Freight to Manhattan for First Time in 60 Years
Interest in greener transportation and local food is driving a revival of ancient ways. (National Geographic)

Nature Runs Wild in Greenwich Village
A park in Lower Manhattan represents what New York City might look like if it hadn’t become a city. (Wall Street Journal)

The Most Important Character on ‘True Blood’: The South
Ostensibly about vampires and werewolves, the HBO series paints a complex, historically sensitive portrait of rural Louisiana. (The Atlantic)

Pet Psychic finds Reincarnated Pets
Pet Psychics like Ellen Kohn will do whatever it takes to communicate with pets – even from beyond the grave. (Huffington Post)

A Card to Remember
One store in New York still creates greeting cards the old-fashioned way. (Aishti Magazine)